Grill Top Roll Over Weld Fixture

Product / Project Details

  • Grill Top Roll Over Weld Fixture
    • Custom Designed Modular Weld Fixture
    • Holds Five Different Grill Top Assemblies
    • Simplified Customer’s Current Three Fixtures to One
    • Robust Movable Locators & Clamps
    • Manufactured Unit

Project Role / Responsibilities

  • Creation of 3D models and 2D prints
  • Designed to roll over for easy access to weld areas
  • Design reviews to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Squareness and Flatness of grill key characteristics
  • Design improvements over existing fixtures

Software Utilized

  • CREO

Project Examples

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Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4 Picture5

50-80% of product life cycle costs are influenced by design

Up to 70% of product total cost is determined by design