F-15 / F/A-18 Fighter Jets

Product / Project Details

  • Fighter Jet
    • Design, Assembly and Detailing

Project Role / Responsibilities

  • Modeling for fuselage structure and fastener layout to support for implementation of Laser Projection Drilling operations.
  • Illustrative level of detail modeling of the wing structure and subsystems for use with visual work instructions.
  • 3D design and modeling of conformal fuel tank components.
  • 3D modeling and design revisions of fuselage bulkheads to support new high speed machining tooling programs.
  • 2D and 3D drawing Change Notice-Engineering Order incorporation to support current manufacturing quality assessments.
  • Developed new primary and secondary structure on the jet’s nose barrel.
  • Designed primary and secondary structure as well as composite fairings for pylons, missile launchers and bomb racks on the jet.
  • Redesigned major strutural members of the landing gear pods.

Software Utilized

  • NX
  • Wiselmage Pro
  • Teamcenter

50-80% of product life cycle costs are influenced by design

Up to 70% of product total cost is determined by design